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"How do I find good photographs by amateurs that will act as an incentive for me to improve my photography ?"

One good way to improve the quality of your photography is to look at the work of others. It is a very subjective area and there can be no single guide to what YOU like. The best way to find examples is to look for photographers' websites on the Internet. many amateurs and semi professionals have good websites that will inspire you. It is a matter of finding something you like. You could start by looking at some of the ones listed to the right of this page.

As well as seeking individual websites you can surf around a webring. You will find a number of sites all linked together. Once you find one you like you can use it as a link to others that will be of a similar nature. @perture is a member of a growing number of webrings. These can be found on the Site WEBRING links page. Please try these out and let people you find, whose photography you like, know about @perture. It will all help you get inspiration and help the club grow so that it can provide members with a better service.

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